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The Bird of Time

THE BIRD OF TIME - autobiographical memoir from Michael Round

The Bird of Time covers some of Michael's childhood life in the 1940s during and just after the war years, closely followed by the author's experiences as a regular soldier at the time of National Service. The author unearthed over 100 letters written to his mother in his youth. The book, based on those letters, is an account of his time in the Intelligence Corps on active service in Cyprus during 'the troubles', at the tine of the 'Suez Crisis' -  overing 1955 to 1959.

A weatlth of characters and incidents fill the pages together with a score of ilustrations.

Cover Design is by Sandra Worrell


Available direct from Rainbow Valley Books £12, plus £2 postage, the whole discounted to £10. Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

ISBN 978-0-9535891-8-0