A Novel by Michael Kay
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Conrad’ tells the story of a lone black airman stationed in R.A.F. Wilmslow near Manchester. The year is 1959. Conrad is bullied by the recruits in his ‘hut’ until he can stand it no longer.  He fights back against his tormentors, is arrested and locked in ‘the glasshouse’. However he cannot be detained indefinitely and is released into the care of a white airman, Arthur, at the O.D’s Club.  The story introduces a wide variety of characters to the reader. Each chapter has its own narrator. There are officers, NCO’s and airmen and women.  The book explores their varied lives.  The themes of Conrad are many.; Racism, sexism, injustice and love all set against a lively portrait of the R.A.F. just before the end of National Service

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Published 2020 by Rainbow Valley Books   
ISBN: 978-1-9999829-1-1 (298 pages paperback.)