Halo Halo

A Novel by Michael Kay
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Halo Halo and is set in Hong Kong and the Philippines. It is specifically dated in 1973, when Manila was under curfew and martial law. The country was being run by President Marcos and his wife, Imelda. Three unlikely characters collude in a venture to publish a 'Philippines’ edition of a regional magazine based in Hong Kong. Their sponsor, Agustin, is a multi-millionaire who runs a resort for tourists just outside the capital. The three main characters are Peter, a freelance journalist; Nigel, an advertising executive, and Hal, who runs Hong Kong Weekly. Hal is without a moral code; Nigel no better than he ought to be; and Peter loses battles against his conscience. The resort is their home for the duration of their stay.  It has everything a weary journalist might desire, including willing hostesses.The book is mainly set in The Philippines but begins and concludes in Hong Kong.

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Published 2020 by Rainbow Valley Books  
ISBN: 978-1-9999829-4-2 (345 pages paperback.)

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