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Rainbow Valley Books is a 'boutique' publishing house originally springing from the self publication of One Promise Kept in 1999.
Michael Round, as Commissioning Editor, was later approached to publish Benedick - A Cat's Tale  in 2011. Michael went on to publish his own When Gods Grow Old in 2012. The Beast of Eluti followed in 2013 - the second in a proposed trilogy (the third is 'on the stocks'); also in 2013 came Poems: Lunatic and Loving  by Anne Smith and Stepping Around Asia. In 2014. A solitary Act an Anthology of the work of Croydon Writers and Find Him were published. In 2015 Looking Back - A Century of Life in Bethnal Green.
Michael Round's memoir covering life in the Army in the 50s, The Bird of Time was published in 2016. In 2017 a major private autobiography was published for Barrie Wiggham CBE, and in 2018 Rainbow Valley Books published the second of Croydon Writers' Anthologies:
The Trouble with Young Writers. 

In 2019 a new venture was undertaken to produce an illustrated accompaniment to the private autobiography Barrie Wiggham; and in 2020 a poignant first novel CONRAD  by Michael Kaye was published. 2020  also saw the publication of an ambitious almost 500 page Anthology of the work of the Society of Civil and Public Service Writers: Dancing with Words.

Our three latest publications currently about to hit the shelves are shown opposite.

Useful sites for those wanting to hone their skills.

SCPSW Society for Civil and Public Service Writers

Membership is restricted to ex-civil and public servants including the armed forces, teaching and the NHS.  Click button below to visit their site.

Croydon Writers

Membership is open with 'Country Membership' and 'Full Membership'. Full members tend to be in the Crodyon area. For aspiring writers. Monthly meeting when restrictions end. Monthly Writer of the Month event open to all members.


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 If ordering a book please make sure you identify what you want, number of copies, and enclose a cheque for the figure indicated on each dedicated book page. ADDRESS ADDRESS - do not forget your address.

Recent Publication:

Dancing with Words

A 480 page Anthology of the recent writing of the Society of Civil and Public Servants Writers. Published December 2020


Halo Halo

by Michael Kaye. (Michael Kay's second novel set in Hong Kong and the Philippines)

Publishing c. June 2021


(Ireland's Loss, Britain's Gain)

by Ethel Corduff (an account of the vital impact Irish women had on the UK's medical services in particular the NHS

Publishing c. July 2021



by Michael Round (A Novella - daring and sensual account over the search for Caravaggio in 1610 before executioners or assassins got to him first)

Publishing c. May 2021

Four books published or in production this year.