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Benedick - A Cat's Tale

BENEDICK - A Cat's Tale

Anthony Hill

Novella by Anthony Hill, published after his death, written in praise of a beloved cat owned by him, original MSS edited with additional text by Michael Round and published by Rainbow Valley Books. Illustrated by Caroline Wheldon

A story intended for children but a must for all cat lovers. The adventures of a cat of courage in pursuit of a lost friend which reveals a dark organisation dedicated to collecting cats' skins. A triumphant conclusion as the evil doers get their just rewards.

Presented with the challenge of taking an unfinished book to a possibly unintended ending, while keeping the integrity of the whole, presented many challenges. With the author being deceased and much loved, it was essential to keep the style and feel of what he had written. What was presented as the last chapter was unfinished and certainly not the end of Benedick’s adventures.

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Published 2011 by Rainbow Valley BooksI

SBN: 978-0-9535891-1-1 (120 pages paperback. Illustration by Catharine Weldon)