RAINBOW VALLEY BOOKS - The Beat of Eluti - Michael Round

The Beast of Eluti


Novel by Michael Round

The Beast of Eluti is the second book in The Archives of Kadesh trilogy.

We follow Asha the warrior prince on a journey into the hands of a monster. We meet again with the psychopath Matu, as evil as ever. Paser the Geat, the Vizier of Egypt turns history in his favour but is bettered by the even more brilliant Sethos who lives long enough to put things right. Both of them have written the history of their times, and have advantaged themselves by so doing.

This is the time of Ramesses II as he comes to the throne, little knowing there are seven decades of rule ahead of him.

But first we are present at the assassination of his grandson Ramesses III as we are taken cinema-like forward and back through the historical sequences.

We also get to know the richest man of his time -  Pepy-Seti who tends to outwit everyone, almost by doing nothing.

Cover and art design by Sandra Worrell. 300 pages 3 maps 30 illustrations

AVAILABILITY:  Available, signed by the Author, direct from Rainbow Valley Books at a discount: £10.00 including postage. Cover and art design by Sandra Worrell. 300 pages 3 maps 30 illustrations.

ISBN: 978-0-9535891-5-9
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