What we are about:

Rainbow Valley Books is a 'boutique' publishing house originally springing from the self publication of One Promise Kept in 1999. Michael Round, as Commissioning Editor, was later approached to publish Benedick - A Cat's Tale in 2011. Michael went on to publish his own When Gods Grow Old in 2012. The Beast of Eluti followed in 2013 - the second in a proposed trilogy; also in 2013 came Poems: Lunatic and Loving and Stepping Around Asia. In 2014. A solitary Act and Find Him were published. In 2015 Looking Back - A Century of Life in Bethnal Green. A memoir covering life in the Army in the 50s, The Bird of Time was published in 2016. In 2017 a major private autobiography was published for a personal friend and 2018 will see the publication of  the second of Croydon Writers' Anthologies: The Trouble with Young Writers.

Private publications have also been produced which are not available through normal outlets including a major biography

A link to a dedicated page for each book is available - just blick on the title.


You can use the simple form below to comment on the website or to order any of the publications. If ordering a book please make sure you identify what you want, number of copies, and enclose a cheque for the figure indicated on each dedicated book page. ADDRESS ADDRESS - do not forget your address.