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The idea is to set up a competition for others who have gone through the trauma coupled with delight and the final pleasure of holding one’s own book in hand -
namely those who self-publish books.
The competition is for books, for a book is a major enterprise: both fiction and non-fiction.

Definition: a book to be a book must have a spine to carry its title! (General guide suggests the book will be about 130 sides +)

Details are not yet decided but we think we shall be looking to score for:
- the story content,
- the general impact of the book,
- the cover design, and the illustrations if any;
the scoring would be weighted towards the content and quality of writing.

We are thinking along the lines of an initial submission and admin charge of £5 per book with a synopsis and first chapter, submitted by post.
We are expecting considerable interest so after an initial screening (no MSS will be returned) a long list of not more than 50 will be selected.
Those getting to this stage will be asked to submit two copies of their book (which will not be returned) and a further £20 towards our handling costs (rather less than the £5,000 for the Booker Prize by publishers at this stage).

A team of judges, to be announced, will then select the winner (£1,000); the runner up (£500) and a third prize (£250).

We may hold a presentation event, but have not yet come to a decision on this.

If you think you may be interested in such a competition please fill in the short form below.

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