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How it all began and how to proceed towards publication of your book:
A One Stop Shop Experience
(If you would like to submit a MSS - click here)

Rainbow Valley Books was orginally set up for Michael Round to publish his own books
in the way and style and layout he wanted. What was a hobby has become a small Publishing House.

So far Rainbow Valley Books has produced two books by Michael and three books by other authors.

Michael does not view his interest as being vanity publishing, rather an attempt to break through the
system and at least see one's own book on the shelf in the way envisaged - even warts and all.

In going through the process he has developed a simple template which can be applied to most books.
MSS are provided by the authors in WORD format and Michael fits them into the template. Advice will be given on
layout, and the writing itself. Monochrome photographs, drawings and charts (see 'extracts' of work already
published elsewhere on the site) can be included in the text at no extra charge, and the book cover
can be full colour, also at not extra charge. 
The work is reviewed through a run of exchanges with the author until
a print ready document is agreed on.
Within ten working days, usually, an example is available,
then ten days after approval any number of copies can be produced.
(see 'extracts' of work already published on the main HOME site.

The cover is designed by Sandra Worrell an experienced graphic artist, in consultation with the author.

There is a charge in advance for the process, somewhere between £500 and £1,000 depending on the
number of copies ordered in the first print.  Michael requires 20 copies for administration and stock to cover
orders send to Rainbow Valley Books; sending to the six
official bodies who require a copy by law, and providing a copy or more to Amazon.

Michael sets the book up on Amazon and Kindle and provides the necessary ISBN - all included in the price.

Writers submitting a MSS will be expected to arrange their own distribution - their copies being sent direct from
the printers to the address of their choice.
Advice will be given on the number of copies needed for the initial print. Generally further copies can be obtained
within 10 working days at an extra charge - currently £20 plus cost of the number of copies ordered, in advance.