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Published 2011 by Rainbow Valley BooksISBN: 978-0-9535891-1-1


Novella written in praise of a cat owned by the deceased author,
original MSS edited and given additional writing by Michael Round
and published by Rainbow Valley Books. Illustrated by Caroline Wheldon

Presented with the challenge of taking an unfinished book to a possibly unintended ending, while keeping the integrity of the whole, presented many challenges. With the author being deceased and much loved, it was essential to keep the style and feel of what he had written. What was presented as the last chapter was unfinished and certainly not the end of Benedick’s adventures. Either the book was to be taken as it stood and printed unfinished or the book had to be edited to bring it to a rounded conclusion - the latter route was selected.

Preparing a conclusion within the same style also meant revisiting earlier sections to make the story flow and to ensure there were no loose ends. Editing and inserting additional material, without knowledge of the author's thoughts, inevitably meant another hand. The hand had to be as hidden as possible. Minor additions, alterations and corrections were blended in, amounting to not more than a dispersed couple of hundred words, to match and inform the ending. The completion of the ending required an additional couple of thousand words, no more.
In this way, the integrity of the original was kept, and sense was made of the main body of the story so that it matched the new conclusion.

The editor is indebted to Trevor Hopkins for his guidance and thorough proofing of the final drafts, and for writing the Foreword.

The delightful illustrations were prepared by Caroline Wheldon - the book would have been very incomplete without them.

It is hoped you will enjoy the completed story. M.R.