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FIND HIM   Is the first novel written by Peter Cameron. The book is hoped to be the first in a trilogy which traces the life and times of a man based on the personal experiences of Peter Cameron. This first volume is set in a part of South London emerging from the devastation suffered during the blitz period of the war. Centred on a family which has faced many setbacks. A boy who has been raped as a child now faces the prospect of growing up in a time when sexual orientation had not as yet been recognized as a birth-right. The family contrives to ensure that the lad will not suffer and meet catastrophe as had happened with an earlier relative. A book of compassion, amusement and tragedy.

Editing and additional writing by Michael Round with cover design and two specially drawn illustration by Sandra Worrell.
The book is also available on Amazon. A Kindle Version will be available later  in 2014.

Date of Publication June 1st 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9535891-7-3
Price: £9.99 + PP - 
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