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BUY this book - IMPORTANCE NOTICE - This book is out of stock and no longer distributed by Rainbow Valley Books.
However it is probable that copies can still be obtained from the Author direct at: hampton.joyce14@yahoo.com
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LOOKING BACK - A Century of Life in Bethnal Green

This is an unusual and delightful book, informative and moving. Looking Back is Joyce Hampton's first book.
Initially she set out to write a history of her extended family but during her research she found so much
of general interest on the history of the London Borough of Bethnal Green that she set out on the tough
path of writing a local history book with the unusual weave of a family history reflecting great events.

Among incidents such as Zeppelin raids in World War One, and the Blitz of World War Two she touches on family
tragedy in both wars. Not the least is some original and new research into the terrible disaster of 3 March 1943
when 173 local inhabitants were crushed to death or suffocated in a panic rush down the stairs of the local Underground
Station when an air raid was, they thought, taking place.

The book is fully illustrated with 52 items.

ISBN: 978-09535891-9-7
RRP: £9.99 = postage and packing (contact the Author/distributor for details: hampton.joyce14@yahoo.com)