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Our approach is on line: PROOFING

As with a critique, we need an electronic copy of your MSS as a file attachment to an email
We do not require any special layout, though we do expect a professional effort, and
we assume what is being sent to us will be fit to send to a printer as potential final copy.

We may at an early stage of reading get back to you with a suggestion that... well,
the work is just not good enough for we will not be doing your job for you.
Essentially we expect the detail will have been completed by you and we serve as a fresh pair of eyes,
or more than one  pair, checking, checking - for typo errors and obvious blunders,
mis-alignments and similar oversights.
The writer so often gets mesmerised by his own work and misses
simple errors, reading what he expects to be there. 
We will give some advice at each stage, if necessary.
Obviously book length will rule the length of the operation.

If the job is taken on there will be a charge in advance by negotiation.

In the first instance please use this LINK to make an initial contact for this service