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Extract - When Gods Grow Old

Preview - The Beast of Eluti

Preview - Kadesh (Paser's Plot)

Extract - Benedick - A Cat's Tale

Extract - Stepping Around Asia

Extract - Poems: Lunatic and Loving

Extract - One Promise Kept


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Lissa Oliver (Author) -
Lisa has just been nominated
(for the 7th year running)
for Racing Writer of the Year.
Last year she was a finalist,
so this year she is a finalist for the second year running - 
good luck from Rainbow Valley Books.

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 TO SEE ALL PUBLICATIONS click to visit.

About the Authors and Contributors

Rainbow Valley Books is a small publishing house

(Submissions welcome -

Originally set up in the late 90's to publish - (a link from each title takes you to further information)
One Promise Kept

RVB has now published a novella;
Benedick - A Cat's Tale (2011)

The first two of a trilogy of historical novels based in Ramesside Egypt;
When Gods Grow Old (2012)
*** Short Listed for Writers Magazine
 best self published book of the year 2013

and -
The Beast of Eluti (2013)

a travel book;
Stepping Around Asia (2013)
a book of poems;
Poems: Lunatic and Loving (2013)
an Anthology for Croydon Writers:
A Solitary Act (2013)

an unusual novel set in a 60s Family dealing with orientation
Find Him (2014)

a social history and family history of Bethnal Green
Looking Back - A Century of Life in Bethnal Green (2015)

12 Years (Of Men):     Angell Green

The Battle of Kadesh: Michael Round

Cocain and Other Enemies     Jason Roberts
'Sequel' to FIND HIM   Peter Campbell 
We also offer the following other services - we are working with several authors.

:Review and Critique of book MSS
:Proof reading of MSS pre-press

:Referral to our graphic artist
for the design of self-published pamphlets or full books, particularly the book cover, full colour if required.

Books published by Rainbow Valley Books usually have a full colour cover included, together with ISBN and lodging with appropriate official bodies included in the negotiable package on offer.