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I cannot remember all of their names.  There must have been twenty of us kids in the area of Mary Road, Florence Road, Burlington Road, and Springfield Crescent in West Bromwich, the South East corner.  The air raid shelters were still there, on what had been the parish tennis courts before the war, near the vicarage, perhaps the war was not quite finished – such is my memory. 

There was another shelter in Florence Road, a road which ended in what was once the dead end of the road before the railway cutting.  That shelter was a flat roofed type with six inches of reinforced concrete as its lid - only a direct hit would have finished it off.  It sat there like a fortress with its two cast-iron black chimney pipes standing stiff and vulnerable out of the concrete roof.  The shelter marked the end of Florence Road much better than a fence.  I fancy the year was 1945 on reflection..